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We are glad to introduce a new DAW CPU resource management product. FX Freeze is a tool, which will help you forget about CPU, RAM or poliphony shortage problems while working with VST instruments or FX.

How often have you had to bounce tracks to free up some CPU resource for using just one more VST plug-in? And after that how often have you remove the plug-in in order to tweak some little setting in the already bounced submix?
Now you no longer need to do that. With FX Freeze you can freeze any processor heavy instrument or FX and free up some CPU power with just one mouse click, so that you can use the released horsepower for more FX or increase the effective polyphony of your studio. Now you can use your processor up to 200%, 300% or even more of its effeciency without overloading the system. Any frozen tracks can be returned to their normal state, i.e. unfrozen, with just one mouse click.

FX Freeze also allows to release the RAM resource previously used by the frozen plug-in (ultrafreeze), which is extremely important while using large complex patches of modern sampler libraries. There is also a possibility of freezing certain zones of a song. A special function of freezing only certain MIDI channels is especially convenient when working with multi-timbral virtual synth arrangements.

FX Freeze works with any VST instruments and VST FX under VST 2.0 compatible hosts.
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Alex Volmer, www.maulbeerbaum.de:
Now the only thing that can stop you from using billions of effects is your hard drive space and speed... >>>

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